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Industry Sector

3D cultural wall decorative art

Laser cutting acrylic is mainly used in advertising industry, home decoration industry, 3D cultural wall, interior decoration wall, etc.

In modern life, people pay more and more attention to high quality and elegant taste. Personalized customization has become a very important part of life.
People can decorate their houses according to their own ideas. The monotonous white walls no longer meet people's needs. People pursue to show their creativity and yearning for life in the room. 3D decorative wall is a very important part of modern decoration industry.
3D decorative walls are generally made of acrylic materials with various colors. The laser machine can cut acrylic of any design shape and make them into 3D acrylic clock wall, 3D acrylic photo wall and 3D acrylic decorative wall.
Each enterprise has its own company culture. Logo and laser machine can cut and carve acrylic and two-color board to make the company culture wall and logo wall, which not only encourage employees to work and live actively, but also highlight the company's strong cultural heritage and good office atmosphere.

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